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A three-day event including keynote presentations and expert speakers from around the globe, delivered in partnership with Seeds&Chips – The Global Food Innovation Summit.


Keynote presentations

Three internationally renowned global leaders will share their insights, vision and wisdom at the event.

Further information to be provided at a later date.

2019 themes and topics

The three-day conference will include more than 30 themes with hundreds of Australian and international speakers who will discuss their work and offer solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges. Topics will explore every aspect of the agribusiness chain from farm to fork, including precision agriculture, traceability, artificial intelligence, the circular economy, market insights, export environment, trade and investment and open innovation.

Over 300 speakers will come from institutions, accelerators, startups, restaurants and companies around the world to bring their cutting-edge ideas to a dynamic stage.

Below is a preliminary overview of the topics that will be discussed.

Rich Diversity

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Educating the Planet for a Better Food System

Understanding Precision Agriculture : The Impact of Solutions on Policy and Investment

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Controlling for Change: Can CEA Feed the Planet (and Beyond)?

Sustainability vs Regeneration: Complementary Approaches or Irreconcilable Differences?

The Wide World of Genomics: Plants, Soil, and the Ingredients that Could Change our Food System

Medicinal Cannabis

Women: Hand Made Tale: The Innovative Women Solving our Global Food Challenges

and more to come.

Technology, Innovation and R&D

Big Data, AI & Traceability Understanding Precision Agriculture : How Technology is Transforming the Supply Chain

Food Access: The Final Frontier: The Evolution of Technology & the Food System

Are We There Yet? Advances in Blockchain for Food

Chain Reaction: Solutions for Improving the Global Food Supply Chain

No Alternative: Why we need the Foods of the Future

E-commerce, Food Delivery & Supermarket of the Future

Uncommon Collaboration: Synergy and Solutions for the Next Food System

Smart Kitchen, 3D Printing and Robotics

and more to come.

Commitment to Wellbeing

Water: Achieving the SDGs: Solutions for Clean Water around the World

Smart Cities: The Next Metropolis: Building Smart Cities for the Future

Achieving the SDGs: The Sharing Economy and Sustainable Solutions for Building Communities

Energy: Hydrogen Farming – the future energy?

Sustainability and Waste Reduction: Anatomy of a System: How Circular Economy and Upcycling are Solving Global Food Waste

More than Just Straws: The Challenges and Solutions for Reducing Plastic Waste

Smart Eating: The New Horizons of Improved Nutrition

Food Safety Health and Nutrition: What Can Your Kitchen Do for You? Making Smart Kitchens Even Smarter

Culture Clash: The New Art of Fermentation Navigating Salt and Sugar in our Modern Diet

Novel and Superfoods

and more to come.

Globally Connected

Food Security for Developing Countries

Uncommon Collaboration: Synergy and Solutions for the Next Food System

Cradle of re-Civilization: How Africa is Leading the Food Revolution

Emerging opportunities for new markets

The future consumer

Australian food masterclass series (Dairy, Wine, Meat, Native Foods)

and more to come.

Artisan Spirit

Branding for purpose: How small businesses can tell their stories

Education & Training: What are the business skills that companies are looking for to innovate in the future

Domestic Transport & Logistics: Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance

and more to come.

Teenovators & Young Pioneers

Every session will be opened by a Teenovator (a teenager aged 13-19 years) and include, as a panel speaker, a Young Pioneer (aged 30 or under) who will share their thoughts on how agrifood innovation will shape future generations.

Image courtesy of Seeds&Chips