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From the Innovation Precinct to the Trade Zone, a wide range of cutting edge agrifood technology and ideas will be on show.

Innovation Precinct

A space to talk and present cutting edge agtech and foodtech from innovators and startups who have solutions to make our homes, farms, factories and cities smarter and more sustainable.

Innovation Expo

A three-day expo where startups, technology companies and innovative companies can showcase their solutions for the agrifood chain. Innovation creates opportunities to explore trends, develop products, and discover new technology.

Attendees will have the chance to learn about the products that will make our homes, farms, factories and cities smarter and more sustainable.

Exhibit at the Expo

The Arena

At the heart of the Expo Hall, this interactive, circular space is designed to stimulate conversation and critical thinking. In the midst of colourful representations of each Sustainable Development Goal, visitors can observe pitch competitions, watch films, engage in thoughtful discussion and informal talks, or listen to young innovators discuss their ideas.

Give Me 5!

Give Me 5! is an opportunity for young innovators to spend five minutes speaking one-on-one with a global leader. These unique face-to-face encounters take place in public view with no microphones, allowing the conversation to be seen but not heard. However, it doesn’t end when the clock runs down. A Give Me 5! talk often leads to much more for both innovator and leader, because five minutes can change the world.

Pitches, competitions & hackathons

Global Table can organise pitches, contests and hackathons in conjunction with our partners. We invite startups, innovators and students to join in and find solutions for some of the most pressing issues of our time.

The Big Brother Innovation Program

The Big Brother Innovation Program provides partners with exclusive access to the Global Table and Seeds&Chips global ecosystem to build their vision. Partners can support and invite startups that are already in their network to the event to offer them the opportunity to develop new business opportunities and showcase their products, or startups the partner may be looking to partner with.

Smart Home

An intertwined and connected space that attendees will have the chance to “live in” during the exhibit to understand what it looks and feels like in a sustainable future in which every product is tracked, conserved and cooked in a healthy and ethical manner.

Among the startups attending the event, the most advanced and monitored cooking systems, apps that prevent food waste and assist in preparing meals remotely will create a revolutionary domestic lifestyle that optimises time and most importantly focuses on the health of the home inhabitants.

Do you have a product or service that we should include in the Smart Home?

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Smart Farm

The entire production chain originates on the farm, where land and livestock generate the nutritional building blocks of our lives.

Through virtual reality, you will be immersed in a path composed of the smells, sensations and tastes that represent the most important place in the food chain where it all starts, the farm.

Learn about the most innovative tools in the agtech world throughout the journey. Startups involved will set up their latest devices on the smart farm route allowing the audience to see and better understand their functions.

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Trade Zone

Let’s talk export and trade. Activated through a showcase of Australian exporting companies, workshops and dedicated buyer/supplier meetings, this is the place to connect to new opportunities, discuss markets, and be across the latest market information and insights.


Trade Expo

A three-day exhibition showcasing 200+ exporting Australian exhibitors in the categories of premium food, dairy, meat, horticulture, confectionery, wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Includes workshops and dedicated buyer/supplier meeting matching.

If you’re seeking new buyers, looking to expand your product portfolio or want to see emerging new products from Australia, the Trade Expo is the place.

Emerging Exporters

Are you close to exporting but want to test your product on an international audience? The ‘emerging exporters’ area allows you to test your products with buyers and get instant market feedback.

Trade workshops & presentations

A discussion area with speakers, meet-the-buyer programs and workshops on market insights, global trends, export readiness and discussions on the future of food trade.

Exhibit at the Exhibition