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Global Table site visits offer a chance for delegates to go straight to the source.

On Friday 6 September, the Global Table program gets out of the conference centre and into innovative Australian businesses. Get a first-hand look at the state of food innovation in Australia today.

Try a new product, see innovation in action, create new business opportunities or test an enterprise’s capability through one of the tours managed by Global Table. Site visits also include eating and drinking destinations selected by the team at our sister event, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, to deliver a truly Victorian food and wine experience to site visit attendees.

Full itineraries for each visit will be released closer to the event.

Details of departure locations will be confirmed and released four weeks before the event. Please note that the finish times of each tour may vary due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.

Site visits are $170 and can only be purchased with a Global Table ticket.

Agtech site visit day

This tour will take participants to the State Government of Victoria’s Centre for AgriBioscience research facility in Bundoora where the latest in agtech research is taking place. The AgriBioscience campus is a partnership between the Government of Victoria and La Trobe University. See how bioscience research is addressing productivity, sustainability, environmental impacts, DNA sequencing and more.

The Agtech site visit will then make its way to the regional Victorian town of Tatura to visit the Government of Victoria’s On-Farm Internet of Things Trial, where research by the Centre for AgriBioscience is put into practice.

This tour will depart Melbourne at 8.00am and return to Melbourne at approximately 6.00pm.

Water site visit day

Travel to the Government of Victoria’s sustainable water technology centre in Shepparton and see what irrigators in northern Victoria are doing to reduce their irrigation costs and improve efficiencies.

The tour then visits Rubicon Water, which has a vision to sustainably increase global food and fibre production through more efficient water use. Hear where the company sees the management and use of water going in the future and see how they are working towards that.

This tour will depart Melbourne at 8.00am and is expected to conclude in Melbourne at approximately 6.00pm.

Waste site visit

The issue of food waste is a significant one, with costly consequences for the entire supply chain. On this tour, participants will see how food waste from airlines, commercial suppliers and wholesale fruit and vegetable markets can be turned into energy. The Yarra Valley Water facility in Wollert, Melbourne processes up to 33,000 tonnes of food waste per year, which is enough to power around 2,000 homes. Waste to green energy is a growing phenomenon that is diverting waste from landfill and turning a cost into an asset.

This tour will depart Melbourne CBD at 8.00am and return to the CBD at 4.30pm.

*Please note additional locations may be added to this itinerary

Retail site visit day

This tour through businesses in Melbourne CBD showcases the technology that could reshape how consumers connect with new retail opportunities in future. Participants will attend presentations from leading e-commerce platforms and universities, then take a short walk to see the Niska robotic ice-cream kiosk where ice-cream cones are assembled without any human intervention. The tour will then move to Deliveroo to see how the company is centralising meal preparation and developing a model to accommodate the needs of the growing home delivery market.

This tour will start in Melbourne CBD at 8.30am and conclude in the CBD at 4:00 pm.

Dairy Innovation site visit day

Travel to Ellinbank, part of the rolling Strzelecki Ranges of West Gippsland and home to the National Centre for Dairy Research and Development. Ellinbank has a long history of producing research that is used by Australia’s dairy farmers, with this research centre in operation since the 1950s. This culture of R&D has ensured Australia is one of the most efficient dairy producers in the world. A tour of the research facility will be followed by presentations from Ellinbank researchers, Dairy Australia and other leading dairy manufacturers.

This tour will depart Melbourne at 8.00am and return to Melbourne at approximately 4.30pm.

Food Innovation site visit day

Visit research and development agencies to get a better look at consumer awareness in the retail environment, as well as small-scale product development and manufacturing. The morning will be spent with Monash University, where staff will demonstrate their virtual supermarket and 3D product printing capabilities, before moving to CSIRO, Australia’s national science research agency, where participants can see the agency’s pilot plant machinery and research facility in Melbourne.

This tour will start in in Melbourne CBD at 8.00am and return to the CBD at approximately 4.30pm.