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Let’s talk export and trade. Activated through a showcase of Australian exporting companies, workshops and dedicated buyer/supplier meetings, this is the place to connect to new opportunities, discuss markets, and be across the latest market information and insights.

A three-day exhibition showcasing more than 200 emerging and export-ready Australian exhibitors in the categories of dairy, meat, grocery line, grains and baking, and non-alcoholic beverages. The Trade Zone will also include workshops and dedicated buyer/supplier meeting matching.

If you’re seeking new buyers, looking to expand your product portfolio or want to see emerging new products from Australia, the Trade Zone is the place.

Emerging exporters

Are you close to exporting but want to test your product on an international audience? The emerging exporters’ area allows you to test your products with buyers and get instant market feedback.



Don’t miss the opportunity to speak to a global audience of market leaders at the only agribusiness event of its scale in the Australasian region.

We are currently taking applications for exhibitors and will begin
releasing the exhibitor list soon.


Trade presentations and panels

Made in Australia

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Made in Australia: products you can’t find anywhere else

Australia’s food and beverage industry is a melting pot of cultural, agricultural and geographical influences that results in unique products of exceptional quality, made by companies that are ambitious and innovative.

Global Table is proud to showcase the breadth and depth of Australian produce, welcoming the international trade and investment community to Australia to provide new business opportunities with local companies, discuss the latest market trends and insights, and celebrate the future of food.

Consumer trends and retail innovations

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Changing values and behaviours: the top five trends set to shape the food industry

From ageing populations to plastic-free petitions, the international consumer landscape is shifting at a rapid rate with a number of major changes sending ripple effects across key food and beverage markets.

Market research firm Euromonitor will provide an informed and practical insight into the top five global consumer trends that are expected to continue to shape the food industry and what you need to know to help prepare your business.

Better-for-you foods: innovations in the health and wellness sector from farm to fork

Across the world, including here in the Asia-Pacific, consumers, governments, policymakers and companies are looking for innovative approaches that create not only healthier food products but healthier lifestyles.

A panel of representatives will discuss whether the concepts of health and wellness in the food industry have changed in recent years and what we can learn from the organisations who are developing better-for-you foods about where the health food industry is heading next.

Sustainable packaging: the latest innovations and potential benefits for exporters

The rise of the conscious consumer has forced the food industry to demonstrate how it’s innovating across all key elements of the supply chain. But a challenge that continues to plague food and beverage producers of all sizes around the world is how to package products in a way that’s both financially viable and sustainable.

This session investigates what’s happening right now in the food industry to develop effective sustainable packaging options for exporters that are ready to go to market.

The future of international retail: evolutions in-store and online

What does the supermarket of the future look like? How are international retailers shaping and responding to the way individuals, companies and restaurants purchase food?

Hear from key players across the international retail landscape, from online to in-store and those connecting the dots in between, as they discuss the evolution and diversification of retail with a focus on the key trends and opportunities for Australian companies looking to enter competitive overseas markets.

China beyond 2020

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China beyond 2020: the future of the largest marketplace in the world

With 30 per cent of Australian food export currently going to China, this market will continue to be a vital part of trade and investment for local growers, producers and suppliers. But the Chinese market moves quickly and success requires in-depth knowledge and planning.

In this session, industry leaders of export into China will provide an overview of the Chinese marketplace and key considerations for exporters on the changes in China that are set to come.

Brand protection and IP: what every company needs to know before entering the Chinese market

Many consider a brand and its unique intellectual property as the most important form of currency for a business, especially when entering a competitive market. What are the real, tangible benefits of protecting your IP? And what is the greatest risk if you don’t?

If you’re planning on exporting to China or want to learn more about brand protection from experts in this field, this session will be your guide to the latest developments.

Succeeding in China: how to build an Australian brand that stands out

With a market of over a billion people, China can pose unique challenges to companies looking to stand out. How can Australian companies make an impact with the largest population of purchasers in the world?

Some of the industry’s leading consultants, incubators and successful business owners will talk about brand-building for the Chinese market, as they reveal key insights and great stories of companies that prove it can be done.

E-commerce in China: learning customer behaviour to access Chinese consumers

China has the largest and fastest growing e-commerce market in the world, with over 600 million internet users and counting. To navigate this network, businesses need to understand the way Chinese consumers research, discuss, compare and purchase products.

In this session, you’ll learn the latest from a leading e-commerce retailer in China, and where you should focus your business efforts right now.

Competitor analysis: an essential tool for tackling new markets

Join this step-by-step workshop on developing and effectively leveraging a competitor analysis to build your company strategy and minimise competition before entering a new market.

Through a case study of a company looking to enter the Chinese market, our presenters will show you how to prepare your business, with learnings applicable to other markets of interest.

Global markets

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Global markets: why ASEAN is an increasing powerhouse in global trade

A growing marketplace right on Australia’s doorstep, ASEAN continues to provide opportunities for food and beverage exporters looking for new business.

This session provides an overview of the ‘need to know’ aspects of the ASEAN marketplace from key industry insiders as well as case studies on companies who have found success in the region.

Global markets: the Middle East and building relationships

The Middle East is a modern and innovative market, but one where nurturing business relationships and understanding the landscape is critical.

Hear from representatives and companies on the unique aspects of doing business in the Gulf region, what’s imperative to success for Australian exporters and what opportunities lie ahead for SMEs looking to engage the rising middle class in the region.

Global markets: New Zealand as an enduring trade and investment partner for Australia

Australia and New Zealand continue to demonstrate the benefits of a complimentary trade and investment relationship. In partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, we explore what’s next for export into New Zealand and who the latest Australian success stories are.

Global markets: the USA’s position in international trade

The USA continues to maintain its position as an economic leader and one of Australia’s key trade and investment allies. But what do the changing dynamics of global trade mean for Australian companies looking to do business in our second biggest export market?

Find out what lessons can be learned from Australian companies currently leveraging the US market, as well as the opportunities that are on the horizon.

The new frontier: where to next for Australian producers?

Many Australian exporters are aware of current growth markets, but where should they be looking for their next business opportunity? Demand for premium products goes hand-in-hand with key indicators such as an emerging middle class and health-conscious consumers, so pinpointing these markets is vital for Australian food and beverage businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Representatives from across the globe will join this panel to discuss the key emerging markets to keep an eye on and strategies for Australian businesses.