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How can I contribute?


  • Secure space at the Innovation Expo, Australia’s largest, most internationally connected food innovation and technology expo.
  • Secure a place at the Trade Zone, where buyer-supplier meetings, workshops and a showcase of Australian exporting companies make it easy to do business.


In collaboration with Seeds&Chips, we strive to help our partners connect with solutions and ideas that are not only helpful but at times necessary. Through partnerships and collaboration, we can achieve our common goals. By sharing our platform and our values we truly want to push the boundaries of innovation. Contribute to the Global Table conversation in a bigger, more meaningful way and be part of the solution.


  • Coordinate an innovation, investment or trade program for your region and let us take care of the marketing.
  • Align your agrifood business event or awards with us and connect with more like-minded people.

What is the Innovation Expo?

A three-day expo where startup innovators and companies will showcase their solutions for the agrifood chain. Innovation creates opportunities to explore trends, develop products and discover new technology.

Attendees will have the chance to learn about the products that will make our homes, farms, processing facilities and cities smarter and more sustainable.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibit your cutting edge agtech and foodtech ideas. Our Innovation Expo will bring you buyers, from around the world, who are here to find out about the trends, products and next gen approaches that will make for smarter and more sustainable solutions.

What is the Trade Zone?

A three-day exhibition showcasing 400+ exporting Australian exhibitors in the categories of premium food, dairy, meat, horticulture, confectionery, wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Includes workshops and dedicated buyer/supplier meeting matching.

Emerging Exporters

Are you close to exporting but want to test your product on an international audience?  The ‘emerging exporters’ area allows you to test your products with buyers and get instant market feedback.

The Export Arena

A discussion area with speakers and workshops on market insights, global trends, export readiness and discussions on the future of food trade.

Why Exhibit?

Whether you’re seeking new buyers, looking to expand your product portfolio or want to see emerging new products from Australia, the Exporters Exhibition is the place.

Whether you are seeking buyers, looking to expand your product portfolio, acquiring feedback from the international market or even exploring your next exciting options. Then the Trade Expo at the Global Table is laden with opportunities.


A partnership with Global Table is a reciprocal relationship that is about more than material goods and services. Our partners are part of the conversation. Together with Seeds&Chips, we work closely with a large global network of corporate, institutional, accelerator and media partners who help to develop the themes of Global Table.

Our partners have the opportunity to:

  • design the program
  • create opportunities for their business
  • position themselves as inclusive, engaging and dynamic leaders


The relationships that begin at Global Table will lead to startup growth, corporate transformation and sustainable innovation. Be part of it. There are many ways you can bring your influence to the table and we look forward to discussing and developing these with you.

  • Sponsoring
  • Speaking or introducing sessions
  • Hosting a Networking Event, among others.