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The inaugural Global Table saw an open exchange of information and ideas. Let’s continue the conversation.


Presentations and Reports


Mark Tanner, Managing Director of China-based marketing, research and digital organisation China Skinny, presented insights to the Global Table audience as part of the Trade Zone conference on the future of the largest marketplace in the world. Download the presentation.

In a joint presentation by Austrade and the Department of Agriculture, the ASEAN region was explored at Global Table as a growing powerhouse of global trade. Nick Micalos, Assistant Director at the Department of Agriculture, explained Australia’s current engagement with ASEAN and where the opportunities are next. Download the presentation.

David Gudgin, Director of Australasia for market research firm Euromonitor International, provided an informed and practical insight into the top five global consumer trends that are expected to continue to shape the global health and wellness industry. Download the presentation.

Across the food and beverage supply chain, strategic competitor analysis is a key tool for cracking and conquering new markets. Director of Export Connect, Najib Lawand, hosted a workshop on the components of a dynamic competitor analysis from identifying competitors to demonstrating a reason to believe in the product. Download the presentation.

Global Table hosted the launch of the Trade Barriers Register, an innovative new tool to help exporters give visibility to and resolve the trade barriers affecting Australian businesses. The Trade Barriers Register is a collaboration between key government and industry organisations including Export Council of Australia, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, FIAL, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, NERA Economic Consulting, AustCyber, METS Ignited and MTPConnect. Find out more here.

Our keynote speaker on Day Two, Howard-Yana Shapiro, spoke about solving problems with “unprecedented, uncommon collaborations”. The Foldit aflatoxin challenge is just the latest facet of this. Get on board and help solve puzzles for science.

3,037 delegates, 238 speakers (including 48 international speakers) and 30 Teenovators: this is Global Table 2019 at a glance. Download the PDF.

With a fast-growing population of over 450 million people and more than 60% of its population below 25 years old, the Middle East is a vast potential market for the food and beverage sector. Kassem Younes, Regional Director Trade and Investment for Global Victoria in Dubai, presented in-depth insights on doing business in the Middle East and success stories of Australian producers from SMEs to multinationals. Download the presentation.

Alternative proteins took centre stage on Day Two of Global Table, with the launch of world-first research by Deloitte Access Economics into the leading food trend. The research commissioned by Food Frontier found alternative protein products could add $3 billion to Australia’s economy and generate up to 6,000 jobs by 2030. Download the report.

ReThink Sustainability has drawn on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to create a tool that acts as a health check for organisations on their transition to more sustainable operations. You can measure your progress on the SDGs now.

Brand protection and IP are an increasingly important aspect of business development overseas as the world’s food supply becomes globally interconnected. Read the facts, case studies and frameworks presented by moderator Tim Carroll of Start Global.


Below are some of the conversations that were recorded in our on-site podcast booth.

Host James Henderson chats to Stevan Premutico, founder of Dimmi and more recently me&u, about being one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs and the broader digital changes sweeping the industry. Listen here.

Hosts Jane Trindall and Andrew Skinner talk to Dr Howard-Yana Shapiro about his journey into agriculture, his current work to end human stunting through better nutrition worldwide and his thoughts around using Big Data and machine learning to think differently about global nutrition challenges. Listen here

Host Professor Andy Lowe in conversation with Dr Howard-Yana Shapiro on the issue of orphan crops: the next wave of plants to come out of Africa augmented for nutrition in order to help tackle hunger and malnutrition. Listen now.

Host Professor Andy Lowe speaking with Marco Gualtieri, Founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips, on the unique and energising format of Seeds&Chips events and the organisation’s journey from Milan to Global Table in Melbourne. Listen now.

Host Professor Andy Lowe in conversation with Matt Pryor, Partner of AgThentic, on agtech opportunities and investment as well as Australia’s place in this massive global market. Listen now.

Host Professor Andy Lowe in conversation with Kylie Porter, Executive Director of Global Compact Network Australia, on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and their support and uptake in Australia. Listen now.

Host Professor Andy Lowe in conversation with Jim Mullan, CEO of SecondBite, on tackling food insecurity and waste through food rescue programs in Australia. Listen now

Host Professor Andy Lowe spoke with Thomas King, CEO of Food Frontier, about alternative protein options, the future global market for plant-based protein products and food sustainability. Listen now

Host Professor Andy Lowe in conversation with Paul Wood, Director of Dairy Australia, about protein options that recognise the importance of sustainably and ethically produced Australian beef and its potential in global markets. Listen now